Use of Flame Effects

Testing and Evaluation
Flame effects shall be evaluated to verify that spectators, performers, support personnel, and the operator are not exposed to a hazardous situation when the flame effects are activated as designed or anticipated.

On an interval acceptable to the Office of the Fire Marshal, flame effects shall be inspected for normal and safe operating condition and retested for operation as designed and anticipated.

Documentation of the testing and evaluation shall be permitted to be prepared by a third party acceptable to the Office of the Fire Marshal. The documentation shall be made available to the authority having jurisdiction as a part of the application for approval of the effect.


The premises where flame-effect devices are installed or fired must be maintained in a neat and orderly condition.

Site Inspection
The flame effect operator must inspect all areas of the site where flame effect materials and devices are ignited before start up and after shutdown.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the area where fuels used in flame effects are present.
  • Smoking by performers as part of the performance shall be permitted where approved by the Office of the Fire Marshal.
Rehearsal & Pre-Show Operations
The flame-effect operator shall advise all performers and support personnel that they are exposed to a potentially hazardous situation when performing or otherwise carrying out their responsibilities in the vicinity of a flame effect.

Performers and support personnel familiar and experienced with the flame effects being used shall be permitted to be in the area of a flame effect, but only voluntarily and in the performance of their duties.

Show Operations
Show operations must be carried out in accordance with the plan approved by the Office of the Fire Marshal.

Post-Show Operations
  • Post-show operations shall be in accordance with the plan approved by the authority having jurisdiction.
  • Fire and life safety systems that have been interrupted shall be restored immediately after completion of the flame effect.
  • When restoration of fire and life safety systems is necessary, it shall be conducted by a person trained in the operation of all aspects of the systems.
Note: The Frederick County Office of the Fire Marshal must be contacted before any fire and life safety system is taken out of service and immediately following the restoration of any fire and life safety system.

Protective Clothing
Flame-effect performers, operators, and assistants must be protected by clothing or other means suitable for their exposure to the flame effects.

A means to render the installed flame effect system(s) inoperative when not in use must be provided.