Additional Provisions

Additional Fire Safety Provisions for Temporary Installations
If the Office of the Fire Marshal determines that a need for fixed or additional fire-protection equipment or standby fire safety personnel exists, this equipment or personnel must be provided at no expense to Frederick County.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements
Four or more fire extinguisher of the proper class and size as required by the Office of the Fire Marshal must be readily accessible while the flame effects performance is being conducted.

In all cases, at least 2 pressurized water, Class 2-A extinguishers, and 2 Class 10BC extinguishers, shall be provided, in addition to those required by NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers, for the building.

The extinguishers shall be placed so that at least one each is located on opposing sides of the performance where flame effects are used.

Standby Fire Safety Personnel

If standby fire safety personnel are required, they must be approved by the Office of the Fire Marshal.