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For Businesses

Emergencies don't have to be large scale to affect your bottom line.

A small event such
as a chemical spill could prevent you and your employees from getting to or from work. Even if an emergency does not directly affect your business, it is possible that customers and supplies may not be able to get to you.

In 2006, The Small Business Administration reported that up to 25 percent of small businesses do not reopen after a major disaster like a flood or tornado. Preparing your business for an emergency increases the chance you will be able to reopen.

  • Business continuity - How you could continue business if the area around your facility is closed or the streets are impassable?
  • Human resources - How could employees and customers be affected?
  • Physical resources - What would be needed to serve your customers even if your facility is closed?

Please visit for more in depth information including printable materials to help protect your business and employees.

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