Land Development

About Land Development

The Planning & Permitting Division provides short and long range land use planning and development that ensures the health, safety, and well being of Frederick County citizens and the communities they live in. A cross departmental approach upholds the public policies and code enforcements created to ensure this integrity. There are 3 main components of Land Development:
  • Comprehensive Planning: The future vision of how and where development, growth, and preservation of land and natural resources is defined. The Comprehensive Plan provides a framework of goals, policies, and implementation plans for balancing growth and rural and agricultural heritage.
  • Development Review: Reviews and ensures that land considered for residential or commercial development adheres to the subdivision regulations and planning ordinances.
  • Zoning Administration: Current permitted land uses meant to uphold the integrity of a community. The Zoning Ordinance is the regulating document that identifies, upholds, and enforces the public policies and regulations of zoning.

Major Projects