Sustainability and Environmental Resources


The Office advances practical solutions for protecting the environment, conserving energy and living sustainably in Frederick County, Maryland. Join us in building a sustainable foundation for our region's prosperity, health and vitality! Together, we can ensure that Frederick County is a great place to live and work today and for future generations.  Click here to read the 2017 "New Framework for Sustainability".


Key Focus Areas

  • Sustainability - Sustainable resources and initiatives available to the government and the community.
  • Watershed Management - Prevents pollution, educates the public, assess current conditions, and supports efforts for improvement and protection of watersheds.
Major Projects

2018 Sustainability Awards

 Frederick County Sustainability Commission is announcing its fiscal year 2018 Sustainability Awards program to recognize individuals and organizations in Frederick County that have made an outstanding contribution to advancing sustainability in the County.  Awards are presented based on demonstrated leadership, innovation and achievement.  Individuals, organizations, businesses (both for-profit and non-profit), and Frederick County employees, offices and municipalities are eligible for awards. 


  • Pet Waste Survey - Is pet waste a problem in your neighborhood?  Let us know what you think about pet waste in your neighborhood and help us raise awareness by taking our survey!
  • Septic Tank Survey - Septic tanks aren't a fun topic, but proper maintenance of your tank is important!  Do you know all the facts to keep your system running properly?  Take our short survey to find out! 

Hazardous Spill or Discharge

 In case of any spill or discharge of a suspected hazardous or harmful nature, please notify 911 immediately. If it is a non-emergency, please call Angelia Miller at 301-600-2325 or make an online report

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