Environmental Site Design (Micro-SWM Practices)

Micro-Stormwater Management Practices are required on all Single Family Dwelling construction. The following documents are provided for your assistance:

  • ESD Flow Chart:  Use this chart to determine the type of plan, review agencies and permits that will be required for your construction.
  • Micro-SWM Practice Check Sheets:  Use this document to determine the requirements or options associated with the individual ESD practice types you choose for your construction.
  • Dry-Well Construction Details:  Dry-Wells are one of the most common practices utilized. This document is an example checklist and cross sections for a Standard sized dry-well. You may simply change the dimensions to suit your requirements.
  • Dry-Well Self Inspection - Submission Requirements Form [Interactive] - [Hand Written]
  • As-Built Drawing Example:  All practices requiring continued monitoring must be located on a drawing AS they were BUILT in the field.
  • Construction Photos Examples:  Customer provided photo documentation may be used in lieu of scheduling inspections.  But, the photos must be clearly identified and be complete for EACH practice installed.
  • ESD Inspection & Maintenance Covenant:  Complete this document establishing a perpetual inspection and maintenance covenant on your property of the Micro-SWM Practice.