Recycling Information For Kids

R Info 4 Kids!
Due to the Office of Recycling's limited staffing, we are unable to provide in-person outreach programs for preschool or elementary-age students. But, don't fret! We've put together some exciting recycling education kits that can be borrowed for free! Kits must be reserved in advance and may be borrowed for 2 weeks; the loan period is renewable 1 time (up to a 4 week period) if no other reservations conflict.

To order a kit, simply fill out the online request form or call 301-600-7405.
Our "R Info 4 Kids!" kits are available for loan (at no charge) to:
  • Classroom teachers
  • Scout leaders
  • Church youth groups
  • Homeschooling parents
  • Green team clubs
  • Others interested in helping young people learn the other "4 Rs": rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle.
One version of the kit is designed for students in kindergarten through second grade; the other version is geared towards grades 3 through 5. Each kit is packed with age-appropriate resources that can inform, engage, and inspire students to think green. Materials include:
  • DVD videos and other digital resources
  • A variety of books for both independent and guided reading
  • Activity guides and lesson plans
  • Show-and-tell materials for discussion
  • Posters and pictures
  • Samples of recyclable and non-recyclable materials
  • Links and information on additional resources
In addition to the materials on loan, groups of less than 50 students may receive a limited number of coloring books, pencils, or other fun items to keep, to help children remember to recycle!

If not an FCPS program, kits must be picked up and returned by the borrower*; kits are stored at our administrative office located at 9031 Reichs Ford Road in Frederick (open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). Contact the office to arrange after-hours pick up or returns.

*Frederick County Public Schools Teachers - kits can be delivered to any FCPS facility via the FCG/FCPS courier system! Teachers can return the kit to our office in person or utilize the courier for the return trip as well.