Expanded Neighborhood Green Program

About the Program

Frederick County's Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources (OSER)'s expanded Neighborhood Green program helps landowners in the Upper Monocacy Brook Trout watersheds (Myersville, Thurmont, northwest Frederick) control storm water runoff and reduce pollutants from entering our local waterways feeding into the Chesapeake Bay by installing best management practices such as:

  • Rain Barrels, 
  • Rain Gardens,
  • Conservation landscaping, and
  • Tree Plantings. 
If your property qualifies, you may receive:

  • A free site-specific landscape and turf grass management plan (valued at $200) by a Neighborhood Green approved contractor;
  • A landscape plan that will determine which best management practices (listed above) will work on your unique property; and
  • For a $200 homeowner contribution, the program will provide up to $800 to implement the recommended management practices using a Neighborhood Green approved contractor.
Why participate? Polluted storm water affects the water that we use for drinking, swimming and fishing, and contributes to stream erosion. Implementing these actions will also attract birds and pollinators while beautifying your property and they will have a beneficial and lasting impact on our stream and watershed health.

Neighborhood Green is a special initiative in Frederick County's Green Homes Challenge under the Green Leader Challenge. Participating in Neighborhood Green will earn you points towards your household's Green Leader Certification.

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Program Status 

Eligible landowners for the current Neighborhood Green program must reside in Frederick County's Upper Monocacy Brook Trout watersheds
Map Upper Monocacy Watershed: 
Applications are now being accepted for Neighborhood Green services and plantings for 2017.


This watershed encompasses Myersville, Thurmont, northwest Frederick and the sub-watersheds outlined in the map at left (click on map to enlarge).

Our limited grant funding prevents us from expanding the program countywide at this time, but we hope to do so in the future. We encourage all interested landowners in Frederick County to submit an interest form. By filling out this form, we will be able to notify you if Neighborhood Green services are expanded to your watershed. Our educational workshops are always open to the public and often there are other resources we can provide for those outside of our priority areas.

Want More Information About the Neighborhood Green Program?

If you have questions or would like more information about the  Neighborhood Green programs please email Suzanne Cliber or call 301-600-7414.  

The Neighborhood Green program initiative is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.