Frequently Asked App Questions


  • What is an ‘app’?
    “App” is short for “application” or “application program”. But really, it’s just software that has been created to run on a smartphone or tablet computer.
  • Will the My-Waste app run on any smartphone or tablet computer?
    No. Smartphones and tablet computers use a variety of different operating systems (depending upon the brand) and, so far, My-waste has been adapted to run on the 2 most popular platforms in use on 70+% of all smartphones and tablets. 
  • Who owns My-Waste?
    My-Waste is owned by Municipal Media Inc. of Toronto, Canada. Municipal Media has been actively promoting outreach and education for municipal solid waste since 2001.
  • Will I have to enter information that pertains to me (County, street address, etc.) each time I use the app? Do I have to update it every year?
    No. When you download My-Waste, there is an initial set-up process, then, from that point on, only information for your specific collection zone is displayed. Your information is kept-up-to-date from year to year, with no need to download a new schedule.
  • Can I change my address to see collection days for other areas of the county?
    Yes. If you move to a new household in Frederick County, you can edit your app settings to show data for the new address (you do not have to re-download the app).
  • How do the reminders work?
    There are various types of reminders that can be set, and they are all optional:
    • Curbside recycling reminders – Frederick County’s curbside recycling program follows a bi-weekly collection schedule throughout the year. You can choose to:
      • receive a reminder every other week, for each of your collection days,
      • be reminded only when your collection day changes from its normal pick up, such as for
    • Special events and 1 time collections – If there is a special event, such as a Residential Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off day, or a seasonal recycling program, such as temporary Christmas tree recycling drop off sites, you can get notification of these through My-Waste. 
  • What if I have a problem with my recycling?
    The “Report a Problem” feature can help! The My-Waste app features a special report function that allows residents to quickly and easily communicate non-emergency issues like missed collections, damaged recycling carts, and more. All a resident has to do is select the report-a-problem function, take a picture, provide the address and the issue is automatically emailed to Frederick County Department of Solid Waste Management staff.
  • Does My-Waste have other information?
    My-Waste contains a wealth of easily accessible information: including most aspects of Frederick County’s solid waste programs and services, including detailed information about:
    • Curbside and drop off center recycling, yard waste, bulky items, hazardous waste, etc.
    • A thorough ‘What Goes Where?’ database, with disposal instructions for over 2,000 searchable items (such as “digital camera” or “candy wrapper”)
    • Landfill / transfer station location, hours, accepted materials, fees, etc.
    • Links to Google maps and department contacts where needed
  • What about trash or yard waste collection?
    Trash, yard waste, bulk items and other collection programs are not managed by Frederick County Government, and vary greatly from region to region. The municipal governments, homeowners associations, and private businesses that provide these services do not report to the Department of Solid Waste Management. Because of this, we are unable to offer their information.
  • How do I download My-Waste?
    Using your smartphone or tablet computer, go to My Waste Mobile page and click on the icon (Apple or Android) at the bottom of the page that takes you to the correct site for your type of device. Once on the download page, click on the button to download the My-Waste app and follow the instruction that appear on your device’s screen. Depending on the strength of the internet signal and your devices operating speed, downloading and setting up the app will typically take 3-10 minutes.
Still have questions? Call 301-600-7405 or send an email.