Facility Use: Conditions, Materials Accepted, and Fees

NEW IN 2022: The Division of Solid Waste and Recycling will be making periodic adjustments to tipping fees to account for changes in fuel costs, these will be reflected HERE: 

  • ONLY WASTE GENERATED WITHIN FREDERICK COUNTY IS ACCEPTED. (No materials can be brought in from neighboring jurisdictions, even if the individual hauling the material is a Frederick County resident or contractor.) All transactions require the presentation of a driver's license; if the license does not show a Frederick County address, documentation of the Frederick County address where the waste was generated is required (such as a work contract, utility bill, lease agreement or tax bill.)
  • Our facility is permitted to process solid waste only, no liquid materials of any kind. 
  • The majority of waste brought to our facility is transferred out of county or out of state for disposal/processing. To fund these activities and all solid waste management programs, a tipping fee is charged as described below. 
  • Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, money order, and credit card (Discover, MasterCard or Visa only. Amex NOT accepted). Checks and money orders should be made payable to Treasurer of Frederick County.
  • This facility only accepts waste generated in Frederick County Maryland, no out-of-county materials.

Residential Fees   

  • Each disposal transaction incurs a tipping fee. Vehicles are weighed as they pass through the main entrance, waste is deposited, then vehicles are weighed again before exiting to correctly assess any tipping/disposal/recycling fees charged by weight. Charges are assessed in twenty-pound increments.

Commercial Tipping Fees

  • Businesses must pay-as-they-go or apply to open a billable account (see "Monthly Bill" section below.)  
  • All commercial customers without an existing account must pay for all transactions at time of service. (For information on opening an account, please visit the billable accounts page for our department.) 

Special Fees/Rates and Regulations:

*Mattresses & Box Springs

  • A resident may dispose of up to 6 units (mattresses & box springs) per year, charged at the regular residential MSW disposal tipping fee.
  • Residents disposing of additional mattresses and box springs will be charged the commercial rate of $28 each.
  • If a resident hires a contractor to haul their mattresses to our facility because the material is being brought in by a business, it will be processed at the commercial rate of $28 per unit. 


  • No industrial or earth-moving tires are accepted.
  • Per the Maryland Department of the Environment, no more than 5 tires per year per resident/business may be accepted without a Scrap Tire Haulers License. 
  • Tires greater than 33” are charged at the commercial rate. 
  • Residents who have reached their 5-per-year limit and have obtained a Scrap Tire Haulers License are allowed to dispose of additional tires at the commercial rate.
  • View more information on tire disposal.

Other Fees
 Occasionally customers are assessed special fees in addition to the normal applicable Landfill fees. 

  • Scrap Tire Handling Fee - $25 per tire 
    • This fee is assessed when customers violate the Scrap Tire Disposal Policy, causing Department of Solid Waste Management employees to remove tires from the Landfill working face or Citizens Drop-Off Center. 
  • Unsecured Load Fine - $100 
    • All loads must be covered or secured so that materials cannot blow, spill, or fall from the vehicle. Noncompliance can result in a $100 fine. (Frederick County Code of Ordinances § 1-11-39) 
  • Overweight Vehicle Fine - $1.00 per 20 lbs 
    • Vehicles exceeding the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) by more than 1,000 pounds will be fined $1 over the GVW and 1,000 pounds allowance. Employees reserve the right to contact the Sheriff's Department in the case of extremely overweight vehicles. (Resolution 94-26) Payment Options 

System Benefit Charge (SBC)
Residents and businesses in Frederick County are assessed a System Benefit Charge on their annual local tax bill. The purpose of the charge is to pay a portion of the reasonably anticipated capital costs and operating costs for the disposal of solid waste and management of Frederick County's recycling programs. 

More information on the System Benefit Charge is available online or by calling 301-600-6000.

Monthly Bill/Billable Accounts

Division of Solid Waste and Recycling account holders must maintain a minimum per-month charge average of $70 over a 12 month period.
For information on opening an account or making payments, please visit: https://www.frederickcountymd.gov/5645/Billable-Accounts