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While the Solarize Frederick County program has concluded, our current Frederick County Solar Co-op is accepting members until May 31, 2017. This co-op has a very competitive rate of $2,59 per installed watt and the Co-op selected a Frederick County installer, Sustainable Energy Systems.

About the Solarize Frederick County Program

Solarize Frederick County aimed to increase solar electric and solar hot water system installations in Frederick County though volume purchasing (or leasing), incentive grants, and a streamlined process that simplified decision making and reduced installation time. During the window of opportunity, April 26 - August 30, 2013, the following occurred:
  • 498 Frederick County households expressed interest in Solarize and 308 people attended Solarize workshops or installation demonstrations.
  • 321 households signed up for a free solar electric assessment from the selected installer, Astrum Solar (64% of those initially interested).
  • 186 households signed up for a free solar hot water assessment from the selected installer, Solar Energy Services (37% of those initially interested).
  • 66 households signed a contract for a solar electric system (21.5% of assessments) for a collective  511.6 kWs.
  • 12 households signed a contract for a solar hot water system (6.5% of assessments) with a collective minimum equivalent of 30.6 kWs.
  • Volume discounts, grants, tax credits, SREC sales, and electricity cost savings reduced 1st year costs by as much as 54 - 88%!
  • Collectively, these systems will produce approximately 685,696 kWh of electricity equivalents per year and reduce CO2-equivalent emissions by approximately 484 metric tons annually. This is equivalent to (source):
    • Annual emissions from electricity use in 67 homes
    • Annual emissions from 101 passenger vehicles
    • The consumption or 1,125 barrels of oil
    • Carbon sequestered by 12,405 tree seedlings growing for 10 years

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A special pilot project of the Renewable Star Challenge. For questions or more information, contact Solarize Coordinator Lisa Orr by email or by phone at 301-600-6864.
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