The Freedom Center
14 W. Patrick Street Suite 10
Frederick, MD 21701
The Freedom Center is a center for Independent Living that is community based, cross-disability, non residential and private, nonprofit organization. Besides providing services in the four core services (Advocacy both individual and systems, Information and Referral, Independent Living Skills Training and Peer Counseling), they also provide an array of independent living service to assist persons with disabilities to resolve issues surrounding housing, personal assistance services, transportation, education, accessibility and employment. The services are not limited to age or specific disability.
Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
1888 North Market Street 
Frederick, MD 21701-5514
Ph: 301-600-3075
Toll-free: 888-523-0255
Videophone: 240-439-8550
TTY: 301-600-3078
FX: 301-600-3084
The Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) offers programs and services that help people with disabilities go to work or stay independent in their homes and communities.


Frederick County Housing and Community Development
401 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701
Ph: 301-600-6091

Offers information and links to numerous housing resources including Rental Allowance Program; Housing Choice Voucher; Subsidized Housing; Senior Housing; Homebuying Programs; Foreclosure Assistance; and Emergency Housing 
Housing Authority of the City of Frederick (HACF)
209 Madison St.
Frederick, MD 21701
Ph: 301-662-8173

The HACF is an autonomous, non-profit public corporation created to address the need for low-income housing. The HACF provides an array of housing options for our citizens by being committed to supporting strong stable communities, including Section 8 housing vouchers, public housing, Hope IV, Project Alive and Community Center.


TransIT Plus

TransIT-plus is a demand response paratransit service for senior citizens and people with disabilities. ADA Paratransit is available for individuals with disabilities that prevent them form using the fixed route bus service in the City of Frederick. Pre-registration is required.

Transit Services Division 
1040 Rocky Springs Rd.
Frederick, MD 21702
Ph: 301-600-2065
Fx: 301-600-3471