Rezoning - Zoning Map Amendments

Rezoning/Zoning Map Amendments

The Division of Planning and Permitting is responsible for reviewing applications for zoning map amendments or what is commonly referred to as a rezoning.  Following the review of the application and the preparation of a staff report the request would be subject to two public hearings.  The first hearing is before the County Planning Commission, who would make a recommendation to the County Council and the second hearing is before the County Council, who will render a decision on the request.

​PUD and MXD Projects

Planned Unit Developments (PUD) and Mixed Use Development (MXD) Projects Phase I applications for the PUD or MXD floating zones are also referred to as "rezonings".  For entirely new projects the Phase I application would propose rezoning a property from Agricultural (A) zoning to either PUD or MXD, while an existing project with a current Phase I approval can propose to amend the Phase I plan.  An application to amend an approved Phase I application may propose revisions to the conditions of the original Phase I rezoning, and/or propose changes to the number of type of land uses, and/or propose changes to the design of the project.  For more detail on the requirements for PUD/MXD applications, refer to the Zoning Ordinance Section 1-19-1-.500 Planned Development Districts.

Current Applications

Recent Applications