Boyers Mill Road

Project Overview

To date, the Office of Transportation Engineering staff has negotiated and the Board of County Commissioners has approved several different tasks along Boyers Mill Road. Initially, the Boyers Mill Road and Bridge projects were a single Capital Improvement Project. However, the road and bridge projects were split into 2 separate Capital Improvement Projects in November 2010 due to the fact that the bridge project could move to construction quicker than the road improvement project.

For the current approved Capital Improvement Program, please visit the resource on Historical Budget Publications.

Boyers Mill Road Reconstruction

The main focus of the Boyers Mill Road improvement project is improving the safety of the road corridor from its intersection with Gas House Pike to its intersection with Old National Pike. The upgrade is needed to meet the increasing traffic demands in the area. The roadway reconstruction project will include the addition of 2 foot or 5 foot (depending on location) paved shoulders for vehicle recovery, along with horizontal and vertical geometric improvements. Stormwater management improvements will also be made along the length of the corridor. A roundabout intersection will be included in the project where Eaglehead Drive intersects with Boyers Mill Road. The addition of multiple pull-off areas to aid in speed enforcement has also been proposed.

Current Status    

A contract was awarded to a consultant for the final design of the “North section” of Boyers Mill Road from its intersection with Gas House Pike to the northern limit of the Boyers Mill Road bridge project in April 2014. The consultant delivered the 60% design at the end of October 2014 and a Public meeting was held in November. The 90% design plan was submitted mid-May 2015 by the design consultant. Property appraisals are complete.The 95% design plans were received in the beginning of September 2015. Final plans have been received and bid opening has taken place.  Staff is currently working on awarding the construction contract to the successful bidder. It is anticipated construction will begin fall/winter this year. A Public Meeting will be held around the time when construction begins.  Notification letters will be sent out once the meeting is scheduled. Staff is currently working on coordinating this meeting.

Negotiations for the “South section” (southern limit of the Boyers Mill Road bridge project to the intersection with Old National Pike) final design have been completed.  A contract was awarded to a consultant in April 2015, and they were given a notice-to-proceed on May 15, 2015.  The 60% design plans were received on September 23, 2016. Please contact Samantha Krautwurst if you would like to see the roadway plans.

The design consultant will continue to have field personnel at the project site completing field surveys and other investigations.   Please see the general survey notice below.

Final Design Plans - North

Upcoming Meetings  

  •  A Public Meeting for the North section construction will be held in mid-December 2016.


Frederick News Post:

“’North Section’ of Boyers Mill Road Design Discussed”

New Entrance to Villages of Nightingale
The New Entrance to the Villages of Nightingale project is a Lake Linganore Conservation Society (LLCS) project for the relocation of the Nightingale Court entrance.  Contact information: Jamie Hansen, CQA, Caliber Consulting Group, LLC  or 301-787-7633.