Charter Government Transition

In preparing for thetransition to a County Charter form of Government on December 1, 2014, a Frederick County Charter Government Transition Team has been tasked with ensuring that the functions and roles of the executive and legislative functions continue to run smoothly, with no (or little) interruption from the onset.

This Transition Team is being lead by County Manager Lori Depies. The Transition Team consists of the County Attorney; the division directors of Human Resources, Finance, and the Community Development Division; the Budget Officer, the Administrative Officer and the Legislative Coordinator.

The Charter Transition Team has been meeting since January 29, 2013, to plan for the governmental transition. The Team will have met with staff and representatives from every internal and external agency by the end of 2013.

The Transition Team update is available for review.

Additionally, as Frederick County Government evaluates and monitors services and programs, those undertakings that will have an impact with the Charter Government change will be included here for easy reference.

Charter Transition Overview.

Impacts on Growth Task Force Final Report.