Installers & Pricing

Solarize Installers Selection Process
The solar contractors (installers) for Solarize Frederick County were selected through a competitive process led by a Solarize Committee comprised of representatives from Frederick County Government and our two pilot communities, the Town of Myersville and the Villages of Urbana. 6 companies submitted proposals for solar electric installations, and 3 companies submitted proposals for solar thermal (hot water) installations. Top contenders were interviewed by the committee and their recommendations were submitted to the Town Council of Myersville, the designated entity for final installer selections.

The Solarize Committee selected our Solarize installers based on the best combinations of experience, capacity, marketing, products, pricing, and solar electric leasing options. Our Solarize installers helped educate the public through numerous Solarize 201 Workshops. 

Selected Installers

As more households signed contracts and the collective number of kilowatts (kW) installed, or solar thermal systems installed, increased, the price went down for all households from Tier 1 prices to Tier 3 or 5 prices. Tiered discounts also apply to leased solar electric systems. We reached Tier 5 pricing for solar electric systems and Tier 2 pricing for solar hot water systems.

Solarize Frederick County Update
We made it! We had contracts for more than 250 kW of solar electric energy. That put everyone in Tier 5 pricing for a maximum discount of 23.7%! With more than 10 contracted solar hot water systems, we reached Tier 2 pricing for an average discount of 13.5%.