About Solarize Frederick County

Solarize Frederick County, a special pilot project of the Renewable Star Challenge, aimed to increase solar electric and solar hot water system installations in Frederick County though volume purchasing, incentive grants, and a streamlined process that simplified decision making and reduced installation time.

Potential Cost Savings

Job grouping, a limited enrollment period, community led sales, and local incentive grants could result in cost savings of up to 33% for Frederick County residents. Coupling that with federal tax credits, electricity cost savings, and the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, and 1st year cost could be reduced by as much as 70-85%.

It is estimated that the initiative will result in the installation of more than 60 solar electric systems and at least 15 solar hot water systems.

Enrollment Period
During the enrollment period, which ran from April 26 - August 30, 2013, any Frederick County household will be able to participate in the volume purchase initiative and take advantage of local incentive grants. 2 pilot communities, the Town of Myersville and the Villages of Urbana, were selected to take the lead with the Solarize Frederick County initiative through community-led marketing and sales, and installer evaluation and selection. A discounted no-money-down leasing option was also available for solar electric systems.
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Project Goals
Solarize Frederick County and the Green Homes Challenge is funded by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as part of the Climate Showcase Communities Program. The goals of the project include:
  • Educating the public about renewable energy options
  • Making solar installations more commonplace and affordable for homeowners
  • Supporting the renewable energy business sector and workforce
  • Reducing energy use from non-renewable sources
  • Installing at least 30 solar electric and 30 solar hot water systems