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Welcome to Our Family Support Center!  

The future success of Frederick County families depends on our ability to foster the health and well-being of our children today. At Family Partnership, we know how to create strong foundations for the development of children, youth and families. We take what we know from science and research, combine it with protective factors and create programs that support and empower families.

Who We Serve

  • Families that are expecting a child and/or have children ages birth through 3 years of age (daytime services)
  • Families that are expecting a child and/or have children ages birth through 12 years of age (evening services- Parent Education & support) 
  • Youth ages 16—24 years 

All Services are Free

Family Partnership is funded by Maryland Family Network, Frederick County Government, and a variety of other Federal, State and local grants.  All services are free for eligible participants.

FamilyPartnership logoOur Mission

To support and empower children, youth, and families with the knowledge and skills needed to meet basic needs, to successfully navigate life's challenges and to advance their hopes and dreams.


Empowering Mothers

Parent Education & Support Group


Responsible Fathers

Parent Education & Support Group

Home Visiting Services

Home Visiting Services

Youth ProgramYouth Program

  1. Apply for Services

Application & Enrollment Process

Complete our online referral form to recommend yourself or an individual you are working with to be considered for our programs.  FP staff will contact you to exchange additional information. 

or download a referral in English or Spanish and submit to us via our mailing address, email or fax to 301-600-2209. 

View our Youth Services Video