Maryland Smart Energy Communities Program

About the Program
Frederick County is participating in the Maryland Smart Energy Communities Program. To be part of this program, Frederick County has committed to implementing policies that support 2 of 3 state goals:
  1. Energy Efficiency: Establish an electricity consumption baseline and develop a plan with the goal to reduce per-square foot electricity consumption of city/town or county owned buildings 15% within 5 years of the baseline year
  2. Renewable Energy: Reduce conventional centralized electricity generation serving a local government’s buildings by meeting 20% of those buildings’ electricity demand with distributed, renewable energy generation by 2022.
  3. Petroleum Reduction: Establish a petroleum consumption baseline for all local government vehicles, and put in place a comprehensive program designed to reduce the baseline by 20% within 5 years of the baseline year.
The county is adopting the last 2 goals as part of the program.  These goals are consistent with Frederick County's Comprehensive Energy Plan.  The county's policies will be reviewed as they relate to these goals and propose changes that put us in line to meet Maryland's Goals.