Firefighter Recruit Position


1. WRITTEN EXAMINATION – The written examination is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 7, 2016 at the Frederick Fairgrounds, Null Building #9, located at 797 East Patrick Street, Frederick MD 21705.  Enter at the main gate of the Fairgrounds, Gate 1. Qualified applicants will be notified by their preferred method of notification regarding their eligibility to test by Frederick County’s Human Resources Division.  Email addresses and postal mail addresses provided in the candidate application will be used for this notice and for those generated throughout the process. Candidates should watch for emails to be sure that messages do not go into a Spam folder.  Instructions will be included in the notification about the written exam explaining that candidates need to electronically schedule themselves for a written test date.  

At the written exam, a video demonstrating the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) will be shown, an overview of the process will be given, and required forms to include the Advanced Notice Agreement - Tobacco Free Agreement will be provided.

The written examination will begin promptly on each test date with no late arrivals admitted, and should be completed within 4 hours. Candidates will be required to present photo identification at this written exam.

For a Study Guide for the CWH Management Solutions entry-level Firefighter exam go to:  Study Guide.

2. ORIENTATION & TOUR OF CANDIDATE PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST (CPAT) COURSE – Immediately following the written exam, all candidates will be given an opportunity to attend CPAT orientation which will include a walk-thru of the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) course and a review of details of the free mentoring program for candidate preparation.  Transportation to the CPAT course will be provided immediately following completion of the written exam, with return transportation provided back to the site of the written exam. Due to construction and classes scheduled at the Public Safety Training Facility (PSTF), candidates will not be authorized to drive to, or park at, the CPAT orientation site. Candidates will be required to sign in and present photo identification at the orientation.

Candidates who elect not to attend the orientation will be required to complete an acknowledgement and waiver form CPAT Waiver Form which will be provided following the written exam.

Candidates who have a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) certificate issued on or after December 15, 2015 from an accredited agency that has a full license by the International Association of Firefighters, must bring the form to the written exam and will not be required to attend the orientation; however, candidates will need to sign the waiver. Candidates will be notified at a future date if the certificate presented is not accepted by the Division.

Following the written exam, all candidates will be given an Orientation Packet with information and forms required to continue in the process, signing for receipt.  Forms should not be submitted until applicants are notified they have been selected to move on in the process.

3. Mentoring - Over the 8-week period to CPAT, the Division of Fire & Rescue Services (DFRS) provides a free mentoring program to candidates invited to move forward in the process. Then mentoring program is proven to significantly improve candidates' preparation for the physical challenges of CPAT. Mentoring will start on Wednesday, April 13 at 18:30 hrs and will be conducted at the Public Safety Training Facility (PSTF) at 5370 Public Safety Place, Frederick, MD. Mentoring is planned for every Wednesday evening at 18:30 hrs and Saturday mornings at 08:00 hrs during the 8-week conditioning period. Check the Mentoring Schedule for specific dates/times. The entire CPAT course will be available for timed attempts on two different dates as noted on the Mentoring Schedule. A pass during these sessions will qualify as an official pass; however, candidates must still attend the scheduled official test date to meet with an interview panel for an oral examination.

Candidates will be provided information to electronically schedule themselves for mentoring dates after they receive notification that they have successfully passed the written exam and are invited to move forward in the process.

IMPORTANT:  In order to participate in the first mentoring session and CPAT, the candidate must follow the Rules of Participation including:

Long pants (no shorts allowed)
Athletic shoes
Appropriate shirts

  • Bring a hydrating beverage for yourself (e.g. water, power drink, etc.).  Water will also be provided on–site.
  • Review the Pre-CPAT Nutrition Guidelines.  
  • BE ON TIME!! Check the Mentoring Schedule for all dates, times, and details.
  • If a candidate chooses not to participate in mentoring, the completed forms must be brought to the PSTF at the time of CPAT testing.

4. CPAT – For candidates invited to move forward in the process, CPAT is tentatively planned for June 14 through June 18, 2016 at the Public Safety Training Facility (PSTF) at 5370 Public Safety Place, Frederick, MD 21704.  CPAT is subject to environmental considerations; adverse weather may require alternate dates.  Applicants will be notified of an opportunity to electronically schedule date/time for CPAT testing.  On the day of testing, candidates are to use the main entrance and report to Classroom #117. Sign-in and a valid photo identification will be required at this location.  In addition to the recommended physical exercises, proper nutrition is suggested using these guidelines Pre-CPAT Nutrition Guidelines at least one week prior to CPAT.
This is a pass/fail test.  A video demonstrating the CPAT will be shown on the day of testing. A
CPAT Orientation and Preparation Guide is available. Candidates should complete and bring all the forms in their orientation packet, including the Background Investigation Packet to the CPAT/interview.
– Immediately following the CPAT test, interviews before a panel of fire service staff will be conducted for each candidate who successfully completes the CPAT test. 

Candidates who have been invited to move forward in the process and have a CPAT certification from another jurisdiction, are not required to take CPAT again, but will still need to go through the interview process and should bring their background packet and completed forms to the interview.  Interview times will be assigned.

6. BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION – A background packet will be provided to candidates as part of the Orientation Packet which will be distributed after the written exam.  Please complete the packet thoroughly, providing cell phone #’s and contact information as requested.  If the information requested is not available, make note of it in the packet.  It is better to provide too much rather than not enough information.

Part of the background packet is a Volunteer Service Verification form for those who indicated on the application that they volunteer in an operational capacity.  The form must be completed by the Chief of the volunteer organization and returned at the time of the interview or submitted to the fax number provided.   

Applicants should not wait until the last minute to complete this lengthy packet as copies of documents (i.e. birth certificate, driving records, etc.) may need to be obtained to submit with the packet.

The background investigation includes being fingerprinted.  Information regarding this process will be provided at a later time. 

7. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT – Successful candidates who are hired will be required to sign a Conditions of Employment Agreement, a Training Reimbursement Agreement and  Promissory Note, and a Tobacco Free Agreement (acknowledging that as an employee of the Division you cannot use tobacco products in any form whatsoever and stating that the employee shall remain free from any use of tobacco products through the term of employment). Candidates will be given an opportunity to review the documents prior to accepting the conditional offer.  Offers will be based on availability of positions. Fingerprinting through the County will also be required.

8. OTHER STEPS – Other steps during this process may include:
Evaluation and verification of application information

Medical Evaluation/Drug Screen/Tobacco Screen
Psychological Evaluation – A written evaluation and an interview  

Completion of a recruitment examination and selection process can extend over a period of months.  Candidates found eligible, but not selected or immediately processed for selection, may be contacted for subsequent placement until the Eligible List is closed.  

– Specific questions should be directed to Frederick County’s Division of Human Resources; 301-600-1070;


Tobacco Free Condition of Employment/Advanced Notice Agreement
CPAT Physical Ability Personal Information Sheet
CPAT Test Agreement
Doctor’s Certification of Fitness to Perform CPAT
Legal Waiver Form
Mentoring Schedule
Volunteer Service Verification Form
Forms and Background Packet Submission Checklist
Background Investigation Packet – White Envelope

CPAT Orientation and Preparation Guide
Pre-CPAT Nutrition Guidelines
Conditions of Employment Agreement
Training Reimbursement Agreement/Promissory Note
Tobacco Free Agreement

For assistance with any DFRS forms above contact 301-600-2907.

This site and documents are not presented as an all-inclusive source for information about this recruitment and selection process.  DFRS reserves the right to update and modify the information on this site as necessary and appropriate.