Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Frederick County Adult Detention Center follows the standards set forth in the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act. If you believe a sexual assault or sexual misconduct has occurred within our facility on or by an inmate, please contact the Shift Supervisor at (301) 600-3012 or contact the tip line at (301) 600-8477.

It is the policy of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office – Corrections Bureau to prevent sexual assaults by remaining alert and attentive to the behavior of the inmate /detainee population. Reports of sexual assault will result in a methodical and comprehensive investigation for the purpose of prosecuting anyone that commits, attempts, or threatens to commit a sexual assault. 

The Frederick County Adult Detention Center has a Zero Tolerance policy toward any and all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. 

To read the Federal PREA Law please click on the following link.  Prison Rape Elimination act of 2003

To see the statistics on PREA Investigations as required by law please click the link below.  

2014 Investigations

2015 Investigations

2016 Investigations

2017 Investigations