Neighborhood Green Reforestation Project

Neighborhood Green Reforestation Project

Enrollment for the original Neighborhood Green Reforestation Project has now ended.

When we work with neighbors to plant trees and shrubs in their yards, we all help to prevent polluted runoff from reaching our drinking water. These same trees and shrubs grow to provide valuable wildlife habitat and provide our families with clean air, welcome shade, and scenic views to enjoy. By changing areas of unused, mowed lawn to environmentally-friendly, natural areas filled with beautiful trees and shrubs, you can reduce the time and money spent mowing and fertilizing while enjoying increased privacy, wildlife viewing, and seasonal colors and blooms.

Program Benefits

In 2012, Frederick County’s Office of Sustainability & Environmental Resources (OSER) received a grant award from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation to plant seedlings on residential properties to provide a multitude of environmental benefits. The grant funding paid for the majority of costs required for each contracted hand-planted seedling project.

Through the Neighborhood Green Reforestation Project, we worked with neighbors in Frederick and Carroll Counties to plant more than 51 acres of trees and shrubs between Spring 2013 and Spring 2014. Many of these seedlings were planted along degraded streams where they were most needed to help prevent further erosion and pollution by dirt and sediment. Trees can be planted near areas of water to add beauty and/or to help keep pollution from entering streams and ponds.

Over the 2 years, partnering foresters from the Maryland Forest Service performed 113 site visits to help landowners create personalized site plans for potential planting projects. More than $100,000 in grant funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation supported the actual planting effort.

Neighborhood Green Reforestation Project Partners

  • Carroll County Department of Land Use, Planning, and Development
  • Catoctin Land Trust
  • Center for Watershed Protection
  • Forestry for the Bay
  • Frederick County Forestry Board
  • Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources
  • Maryland Forest Service
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Potomac Conservancy
  • University of Maryland Extension

Additional Resources

Eastern Redbud trees popping up through deer protection shelters

NG spring 2013 photos 057.jpgNG spring 2013 photos 081.jpg


June 2013 065.jpg sitevisit.jpg

Spring 2014 Neighborhood Green Planting Season

Homeowner Jan Knox (left) stands with the seedling planting crew from Conservation Services, Inc.