County Executive Jan H. Gardner

Executive Gardner Announces Roundtable
to Refresh Rural Roads ProgramExec Gardner Announces Rural Road Roundtable

County Executive Jan Gardner announced plans to refresh the county’s Rural Roads Program. To kick off the effort, she has invited stakeholders to participate in a public roundtable discussion to discuss how best to reshape the program so that it balances the unique maintenance needs of the often-unpaved scenic roadways with the community’s goals to preserve and protect the scenic and historical qualities of the roads and nearby land.

“Our rural roads offer outstanding views of rolling farmland and natural features, and they provide access to our historic resources,” said Executive Gardner. “I want to focus on these hidden gems and what we can do to enhance their appeal while ensuring safe travel for local residents and visitors alike.”  Press Release

Public Information Briefing

Special Announcement (Video)

Executive Gardner Public Information Briefing

Executive Gardner Unveils Initiatives to Protect
Forest Cover, Environmental and Historic Resources 

“The good news is that we can take action now to prevent the loss of forest cover and protect our historic and cultural amenities now into the future,” said Executive Gardner. “My proposal will protect what our community values, our forest cover, our environmental resources and our rich history, before any new development is approved, so we can ensure a bright future for Frederick County.”  Press Release

Public Information Briefing
Staff Report (Includes Draft Legislation)

Executive Gardner - Livable Frederick Sugarloaf Area Plan Kickoff

Executive Gardner Kicks Off Livable Frederick
With Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Plan

“Frederick County values the rich history and unique resources of Sugarloaf,” said Executive Gardner.  “The land faces development pressures. That’s why I chose to implement Livable Frederick by focusing on the treasured landscape surrounding Sugarloaf Mountain. The time to protect this area is now.”  Press Release

Kickoff Address 

Agricultural Initiative Video - Executive Gardner Opens in new window

Special Announcement (Video)

“The time is now to preserve Frederick County’s rich agricultural land before our cherished fields are lost to development,” Executive Gardner said. “Securing preservation easements for agriculture will ensure we leave a legacy of agriculture for future generations.”  Press Release

Public Information Briefing.
Staff Report (Includes Draft Legislation)
Summary of Legislation

County Executive Gardner Presents 2019
Annual Report & Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

State of the County

Executive Gardner’s State of the County 
Focuses on Livable Frederick 
Frederick County Is Soaring to New Heights!  

2019 Accomplishments (Video) 

“Livable Frederick lays the foundation for our bright future so we can make life better for the people who call Frederick home,” Executive Gardner said. “We’ve embraced our rich history, invested in our people and places, and taken care of our citizens. We are leading the way with innovation and excellence.  Frederick County is soaring to new heights!”  Press Release

***********************************************************************Frederick County - Leading the Way

Watch "Frederick County: Leading the Way!"

Viewers across the nation are watching a special five-minute documentary about Frederick County. The national broadcast of “Frederick County: Leading the Way” aired on Fox Business Network.  The video also aired on other networks regionally and on public television stations nationwide.

“Frederick County has a great story to tell,” said County Executive Jan Gardner. “I’m proud to have the opportunity to share our story about bio sciences and other innovative industries to a broad audience. Frederick County is a great place to live, work and raise a family!”