TransitionTeam & Leadership Teams

A New Era in Frederick County Governance!

To assist in the change from a county commissioner form of government to Charter Government, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner set up a government organization Transition Team and four issue-based Leadership Teams.

The Transition Team is charged with meeting with all county division directors and reviewing the structure and organization of county government and the County Executive’s Office under Charter Government.  The team will also gather information from nearby Charter Government counties. 

The Leadership Teams bring together a diverse group of leaders to provide new energy, ideas and enthusiasm to the issues for the benefit of the entire community.  The four Leadership Teams have been established on the key issue areas of education, jobs, senior citizens and community needs. 

These teams will be short-term standing committees that will be charged to develop ideas, priorities, objectives and desired outcomes in their specific issue areas.  These ideas, goals, and outcomes will form the basis or foundation for a blueprint for a four-year plan.

Below is a list of Transition Team and Leadership Team members:

Transition Team:
Doug Browning, Former County Manager, President of Frederick Community College and current Frederick County Chief Administrative Officer (Co-Chair)

Jim Racheff, Chairman and CEO, DMS, Inc. (Co-Chair)
Dana French, D.P. and Associates, organization development consultant
Roger Wilson, technology consultant and current Frederick County Government Affairs Manager
Carole Sepe, Construction Management and Monitoring Consultant
Michael Gastley, Retired, County Budget Officer
Elizabeth Cromwell, CEO and President, Chamber of Commerce
Margaret Nusbaum, retired, Frederick County Director of Citizen Services, current Frederick County Special Projects Manager

Leadership Teams:
Community Needs:
Elizabeth Chung, Executive Director, Asian American Center of Frederick
Rev. Dr. Barbara Kershner Daniel, Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ
Dana French, D. P. French and Associates, organizational development consultant
Margaret Nusbaum, retired, Frederick County Director of Citizen Services, current Frederick County Special Projects Manager
Josh Pedersen, CEO, United Way of Frederick
Katie Nash, Executive Director, CALM
Betsy Day, President, The Community Foundation of Frederick County
Ed Hinde, Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership (SHIP)
Chris Colville, CEO Frederick YMCA
Pat Hanberry, retired, Mental Health Association

Dr. Theresa Alban, Frederick County Public Schools Superintendent
Dr. Jack D. Dale, retired, Superintendent Fairfax County Public Schools
Joy Schaefer, President, Frederick County Board of Education
Brad Young, Frederick County Board of Education
Gary Brennan, Frederick County Teachers Association
Sue Houghton, Higher Education Center
Jay Mason, Eliminate the Achievement Gap
Shari Ostrow Scher, Early Childhood
Janice Speigel, Education Advocate
Valerie Dale, Education Advocate
Ken Kerr, Chair of the English Department, Frederick Community College
Dr. Betty Morgan, retired educator and Superintendent Washington County Public Schools
PTA Representative

Roger Wilson, Technology Consultant and current Frederick County Government Affairs Manager
Jim Racheff, Chairman and CEO, DMS, Inc.
Josh Bokee, Government Affairs, Comcast; and, City of Frederick Alderman
Daryl Boffman, President and CEO of Acela Technologies
Susan Reeder Jessee, bio tech representative
Kara Norman, Downtown Frederick Partnership
Elizabeth Cromwell, President and CEO, Frederick Chamber of Commerce
Walt Stull, Councilman, City of Brunswick
Lynn Shanton, Navy Captain
Don Schilling, FITCI, Inc.

Melanie Cox, Retired, nursing home and health care executive
Dr. Sonja Sperlich, retired, science research
Joseph Berman, MD, MPH, physician and public health
Louise Lynch, Commission on Aging
RaeAnn Butler, Administrator, Edenton Retirement Community
Margaret Nusbaum, retired, Frederick County Director of Citizen Services, current Frederick County Special Projects Manager
Cindy Powell, Owner, Needles and Pins; public relations and development
Tish Raft, retired
Leslie Schultz, Executive Director, SOAR

Future Plans
After the Leadership Teams have met for a short period of time, they will hold public meetings to receive input and then hold at least one town hall meeting where County Executive Gardner will gather input to utilize in use making a strategic plan for Frederick County Government.

The schedule of the meetings, including locations, is:

January 28:  7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. - Jobs Leadership Team
Winchester Hall, first floor hearing room, 12 East Church Street, Frederick, Md.       

February 4:  7:00 - 9:00 p.m. - Community Needs Leadership Team      
Frederick Senior Center, 1440 Taney Avenue, Frederick, Md.

February 5: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. - Education Leadership Team
North Frederick Elementary School, Media Center, 1010 Fairview Avenue, Frederick, Md.

February 11:  7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. - Seniors Leadership Team
Frederick Senior Center, 1440 Taney Avenue, Frederick, Md.

Transition & Leadership Teams Suggestions
Citizens are also invited to use the online “Transition & Leadership Teams Suggestions” quick link on the Frederick County Government homepage to provide feedback to the teams.  Electronic submissions must be received by 4:00 p.m. on February 13 to be considered part of the leadership team recommendations.   This online suggestion forum provides an opportunity for the public to be heard and for all ideas to be considered.

For more information on the Transition and Leadership Teams, please contact Special Projects Manager Margaret Nusbaum at 301-600-7700 or via e-mail