ADA Transition Plan

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Frederick County has adopted a Transition Plan to address barriers to accessibility in County maintained public rights of way.  The Transition Plan will address barriers identified in the 2014 Self Evaluation over a ten year period beginning in Fiscal Year 2016, which begins July 1, 2015.

The Transition Plan may be viewed at the following links:

Transition Plan
2014 Self Evaluation
Appendix II: Reference Materials
Appendix III: Map of Survey Areas (map 1 of 2)
Appendix III: Map of Survey Areas (map 2 of 2)
Appendix IV: Mitigations listed by road with estimated costs
Appendix V: Barriers to Pedestrian Accessibility with Proposed Mitigations
Appendix VI: Transportation Facilities on County Roads
Appendix VII: Public Schools with Walking Routes on County Roads
Appendix VIII: Tentative Project List FY 2016
Appendix VIII: Tentative Project List "b" FY 2016

FY 16 Projects

Frederick County has divided its Transition Plan work into two projects in Fiscal Year 2016:
    Contract A - Draft Map of Contract A
    Contract B - Draft Map of Contract B

ADA retrofit work is also incorporated into the Pavement Management Program