ADA Transition Plan

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Frederick County has adopted a Transition Plan to address barriers to accessibility in County maintained public rights of way.  The Transition Plan will address barriers identified in the 2014 Self Evaluation over a ten year period beginning in Fiscal Year 2016, which begins July 1, 2015.

The Transition Plan may be viewed at the following links:

Transition Plan
Appendix II: Reference Materials
Appendix III: Map of Survey Areas (map 1 of 2)
Appendix III: Map of Survey Areas (map 2 of 2)
Appendix IV: Mitigations listed by road with estimated costs
Appendix V: Barriers to Pedestrian Accessibility with Proposed Mitigations
Appendix VI: Transportation Facilities on County Roads
Appendix VII: Public Schools with Walking Routes on County Roads
Appendix VIII: Tentative Project List FY 2016
Appendix VIII: Tentative Project List "b" FY 2016

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FY 16 Projects

Frederick County has divided its Transition Plan work into two projects in Fiscal Year 2016:
    Contract A - Draft Map of Contract A
    Contract B - Draft Map of Contract B

ADA retrofit work is also incorporated into the Pavement Management Program
ADA Self Evaluation 2014
Self Evaluation Report
Frederick County inventoried and inspected all sidewalks and ramps in county rights of way in 2014, resulting in a "Self Evaluation" report. This report will be used to develop plans for repairing non-compliant pedestrian facilities.  The report may be viewed at the links below:
Frederick County Self Evaluation - June 2014
Appendix I - Grievance Reporting Form
Appendix II - Survey Area Map
Appendix III - Sidewalk Inventory
Appendix IV - Ramp Inventory

Field Notes

The field notes generated during the evaluation may be viewed at the following links:
Ramps 1 of 2
Ramps 2 of 2
Sidewalks 1 of 4
Sidewalks 2 of 4
Sidewalks 3 of 4
Sidewalks 4 of 4