Solid Waste - What's Next?

Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner has worked hard to develop Frederick County’s next long-term solid waste strategy through a facilitated process with a Steering Committee she appointed to develop viable waste management alternates. 

“Along with the assistance of a neutral facilitator, I have formed this special Steering Committee to help manage the process in the development of a sustainable and robust long-term solid waste program for Frederick County," said Executive Gardner.  "My desire in creating the Steering Committee is to bring a good mixture of experience and viewpoints to the process which is designed to be as balanced and neutral as possible.  We will also actively engage our citizens in looking at all the alternatives available to us such as resource recovery, composting, anaerobic digestion, zero waste initiatives and other options.  My objective is to have an open, transparent, impartial process that balances diverse viewpoints, ideas and perspectives.”

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The Steering Committee held public forums to allow citizens to help shape the future of solid waste management in Frederick County.
The Steering Committee includes members of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee, the Sustainability Commission and others who have been engaged in conversations about solid waste.  County officials who currently manage solid waste programs also provide guidance. 

Summaries of the forums below:  

Public Forum Background Document

Solid Waste - What's Next Steering Committee members pictured above (left to right): Chris Voell, Joe Richardson, Kai Hagen,
Patrice Gallagher, Peter Blood, Chairman John Daniels, Phil LeBlanc, County Executive Jan Gardner, E
llis Burruss, and Don Briggs.  
Not pictured:  
David Gray and Pat 
Miglio (alternate).