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Scott Key Center provides employment training and employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. We foster community integration through empowering the employees to work within their range of abilities, and to be included and valued as members of the community.

Individual Employment

Individual employment is where one of SKC's employees (clients) is hired with your organization/company, and is paid from your payroll. This client is then supported through job coaching through an initial period, and through drop in support as needed thereafter. A SKC staff person is also available to be present whenever any supervisory meetings are needed.

  • Does the Scott Key Center currently have clients seeking individual employment opportunities, and if so what are some examples of what the clients are seeking? Yes, some examples may include, but are not limited to, kitchen help, general labor, housekeeping, fast food, greenhouse/ landscaping.
  • How do you find individual placement for your clients seeking such an opportunity? Search want ads, networking, cold calling, personal contacts, referrals.
  • If a prospective employer was interested in hiring one of your clients, how would they do so? Contact the Director Sean M. Lore by calling 301-600-1600.
  • Once they have contacted the Scott Key Center or decided to hire one of the clients then what?
    1. Job development specialist sits down with employer
    2. Develops a plan for on-site job coaching and on-going communication
    3. Reviews expectations with client that the employer shares with client
    4. A start date is determined
  • What have been some of the barriers to helping find clients individual employment? Competitive job market, transportation, limited natural supports, public perceptions.
  • Why should I hire one of the Scott Key Center clients instead of someone else?
    • Improved employee retention
    • Quality job performance
    • Lower absenteeism
    • Lower turnover and training costs
    • Tax credit assistance
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