Lake Linganore Dredging

Since its construction in 1972, Lake Linganore has been losing storage capacity due to sedimentation. The upper reaches of the Lake (above Boyers Mill Road) are especially susceptible to sediment infill, losing approximately 65 percent of the water volume. This sediment accumulation has led to a loss in water storage capacity needed by the City of Frederick and Frederick County, and has severely restricted or eliminated access to the Lake for some homeowners in the area.

In 2014, Frederick County, the City of Frederick and the Lake Linganore Association (LLA) reached an agreement to remove sediment to improve water capacity and restore access. Sediment will be dredged from the lake in the area of the lake upstream of Boyers Mill Road.

The 2014 agreement allocates the cost of the dredging project among the three entities with the City funding 50 percent, the County 25 percent and the LLA 25 perent. The entire project is expected to cost approximately $15 million and take several years to permit and complete the dredging.

The proposed dredging is intended to restore water depths in the upper portion of the lake by removing between 200,000 and 300,000 cubic yards of sediment.

For more information, please view the Lake Linganore Dredging Fact Sheet.

Questions?  Contact Special Projects Manager Michael Marschner, Office of the County Executive, at 301-600-1133 or via e-mail.