2016 Audit Reports

Report No. Report Title

FCC-16-06  Frederick Community College Student and Corporate Accounts Receivable; 9/14/16

FCPS-16-07  Frederick County Public Schools P-Card Planning Survey and Risk Assessment; 7/20/16

FCG-16-05  Frederick County Government Planning Survey & Risk Assessment:  Emergency Communications Center; 5/18/16

FCG-16-02  Frederick County Government Payroll and Timesheet Agreed Upon Procedures; Issued 3/16/16

FCG-16-04  Frederick County Government Volunteer Fire and Rescue Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) Agreed Upon
Procedures; Issued 2/22/16

FCPS-16-03  Frederick County Public Schools Payroll and Timesheet Agreed Upon Procedures; Issued 2/18/16

FCG-16-01  Frederick County Government P-Card Audit Testing Phase; Issued 2/1/16

FCG-AUP-16-02 Frederick County Government Salaried Management Turnover Agreed Upon Procedures Report; Issued 11/11/15

FCG-16-00  Frederick County Government Hotel Rental Tax Audit; Issued 11/3/15

FCG/SP/16B  Frederick County Government Permits and Inspections Special Project; Issued 9/16/15