Law Enforcement Bureau
Lt. Colonel Scot Hopkins, Law Enforcement Bureau Chief, oversees the Law Enforcement Bureau, which consists of the Administrative Services and Operations Divisions, as well as Polygraph, and the Internal Affairs Units.

Operations Division
The Operations Division is commanded by Major Tim Clarke. Most of the sworn law enforcement deputies work in this division that consists of Patrol Operations, Special Operations, and Judicial Operations.
Patrol Operations
  • Community Deputies
  • Honor Guard
  • K-9 Unit

  • Patrol
  • Traffic Unit

Special Operations
  • Crime Analysis
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Evidence Custodian
  • Gaming
  • Juvenile Specialist

  • Pawn Unit
  • Special Assignment Section
  • Special Services Team
  • Task Force
  • Victim Services

Judicial Operations
  • Child Support
  • Civil Process Unit
  • Court Security
Administrative Services Division
The Administrative Services Division is commanded by Major Gary Morton. This division consists of the following components:
  • Fiscal Services
  • Personnel Services
  • Support Services
  • Technology and Homeland Security
  • Training Services
  • School Resource Section

Personnel Services
  • Accreditation
  • Background / Recruiting
  • Fleet Management
  • Police Information Specialist
  • Records Section
  • Spokesperson

Fiscal Services
  • Agency Property Management
  • Billing Coordination
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Capital Improvement Projects

  • Grants
  • Planning and Research
  • Purchasing
  • Quartermaster
Support Services
  • Building Management
  • Community Services Section
  • Crime Prevention
  • Crossing Guards

    • Intern Program
    • Training