Your Request Has Been Received

  • Cart Repair/Exchange Requests: These orders are taken care of on one of your street's next TWO recycling collection days. Please leave your cart at the street ALL DAY on those dates. The crew that empties a cart is not the same crew that delivers or repairs carts.
  • Cart Orders for Existing Homes: Recycling carts are only delivered on a street's recycling collection day. Your order will be filled one of your street's next TWO recycling collection days.
  • Cart Orders for Newly Constructed Homes: Due to billing arrangements with our contractor, carts for new homes can only be delivered within the first ten business days of a month and on your street's regularly scheduled collection day. Please note that this process can cause a significant delay (up to five weeks) depending on when your order is placed, until the cart can be delivered.
    * Our office is still operating under pandemic restrictions and cannot receive walk-in customers. Carts cannot be picked up, only delivered.
    While waiting to receive a cart, please note that you are also welcome to utilize a free recycling drop-off center. The County Drop-Off Center is located at 9031 Reichs Ford Road and additional facilities are operated by the towns of Brunswick, Middletown, Thurmont and Walkersville; please contact the nearest town office for their locations and hours.
    To keep track of when to set your cart out for collection, sign up for reminders and alerts (by email, text, phone call or Tweet), or download our free mobile app on our home page.

    Thank you for recycling!