Compliments and Complaints

                                                                                 Compliments and Complaints

Members of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office are committed to providing high quality police services to our community. Appreciation for a job well done and constructive comments assist us in recognizing agency members for their performance and helps improve delivery of services and achievement of goals.

If you would like to commend a Sheriff’s Office employee for work considered worthy of recognition, please do one of the following:

      • Call the Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak with a supervisor, or

      • Visit the Sheriff’s Office and speak in person with a supervisor, or

      • Mail your comments to the Sheriff’s Office, attention of the Administrative Services Division Commander, Major Tim Clarke.

Once your commendation as been received, it will be documented and conveyed to the employee and his or her supervisors. A copy of the commendation will also be placed in the employee's permanent service record. As you would expect, our employees sincerely appreciate positive feedback from the citizens they serve.

Likewise, it is the policy of the Sheriff’s Office to accept and investigate all complaints or allegations of misconduct on the part of any employee. In doing so, the office will endeavor to be fair to both the complainant and the employee(s) involved. Constructive comments and complaints can be made following the same steps outlined above or by contacting the following:

      • Office of Policy and Compliance, or

      • The Sheriff Of Frederick County

Your contact can be made in writing, by telephone, or in person to the address and phone numbers listed below. Once your complaint has been received, it will be investigated according to appropriate procedures and you will be notified of the results. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office encourages the filing of legitimate complaints as a means to hold the office and its employees accountable to the public. However, any false, misleading and/or malicious allegations may result in civil and/or criminal sanctions.

Charles A. Jenkins

Sheriff of Frederick County

Frederick County Sheriffs’ Office

110 Airport Drive East

Frederick, MD. 21701

Major Tim Clarke: 301-600-3643

Office of Policy and Compliance: 301-600-2583

Sheriff’s Office front desk: 301-600-1046