Human Trafficking Task Force - 2016-2017

On November 1, 2016 the Frederick County Council adopted the Human Trafficking Task Force resolution allowing the task force to study issues associated with human trafficking in Frederick County. The main focus of the task force is to educate the public, identify and serve the victims of human trafficking, and increase prosecution of human traffickers.  

Final Human Trafficking Report

The task force was comprised of:

  1. Miles Ward, Frederick County Human Relations Division
  2. Lindsey Carpenter, Office of the State's Attorney's 
  3. Chief Ed Hargis, Frederick City Police Department
  4. Annie Jones, Frederick County Commission for Women
  5. Lynn Davis, Frederick County Child Advocacy Center
  6. Malcolm Furgol, United Way
  7. Barbara Fink, Frederick County Health Department
  8. Jethro Reid, Frederick County Public Schools
  9. Nina Carr, Heartly House
  10. Pamela Holtzinger, Frederick Memorial Hospital
  11. Jessica Fitzwater, Frederick County Council 
  12. Karen Lewis Young, State Delegation
  13. Michael O'Connor, Maryland Municipal League
  14. Mari Lee, Human Relations Commission
  15. Jessica Beall, Department of Social Services
  16. Angela Spencer, Frederick County Sheriff's Office