Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Administrative Services is responsible for the fiscal management of the fire and rescue service. This bureau develops and administers the budgets for the Division of Fire and Rescue Services, the Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association’s Volunteer Fire and Rescue Corporations, and 10 committees / specialty teams.

Additionally, finance and logistics also includes Fire Prevention / Investigations / Office of the Fire Marshal, Information Technology, Facilities, EMS Ambulance Insurance Billing, Resource Management, and Fleet Services.


Logistics is responsible for ordering and maintaining an inventory of budgeted EMS supplies, personal protective equipment, uniforms, and other budgeted items needed by the Fire / Rescue Departments and personnel. The program processes over 1,000 purchase orders per year to provide operating equipment and needed supplies to the 26 fire and rescue stations and the Public Safety Training Academy. Additionally, logistics assists with emergent needs at emergency incidents. The logistics warehouse is located at:

1501 Tilco Drive

Suite B

Frederick, MD 21704

EMS Ambulance Insurance Billing

The Ambulance Transport Insurance Billing Program generates over $5.4 million dollars in revenue on an annual basis, with approximately $1.6 million dollars being distributed to the transporting fire/rescue companies. The program also administers the Subscription Club for the local fire and rescue corporations, which entitles the subscriber relief of any additional cost of the service above what the insurance company will reimburse for emergency medical transport.