Land Preservation, Parks, and Recreation Plan

The LPPRP is a state mandated plan and is required to be updated every five (5) years.  Frederick County's previous plan was prepared in 2012.  This plan is required in order for a jurisdiction to maintain eligibility for Program Open Space (POS) funding.  The 2017 Plan was approved by the County Council on June 20, 2017.

Plan includes the following components:
   Parks and Recreation - Updated with current parkland    
     inventory and facility data.  The appendix includes an
     updated inventory of all federal, state, county, and municipal
   Agricultural Land Preservation - Updated with current
     information on preservation easement activity.     
   Natural Resource Land Conservation - Updated with more
     information on watershed restoration activities and a green
     infrastructure study.  Describes planning and protection
     strategies for natural resource lands.      

Plan document
Plan map
 Park Inventory Map