Victim Services

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office regrets that you have been a victim of a crime. Under the Maryland Constitution and State laws and guidelines, a victim of a crime must be treated with dignity, respect, and sensitivity during all phases of the criminal justice process. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing quality services to victims of crime. The Victim Services Unit provides the following services:
  • Information specific to your crime, and the recovery process
  • Information on where and how to obtain a civil order of protection or criminal charges
  • Referrals to local, state, and national agencies based on your emotional, physical, and/or financial needs
  • Coordination with law enforcement and other legal personnel handling your case
  • Information on safety planning
  • Information on how to obtain a copy of your report and any associated fees
  • Information on domestic and family violence
  • Provide support and crisis intervention counseling
  • Information and referrals on the grieving process
  • A crime victim may experience physical, emotional and/or financial losses due to a crime. The Victim Services Unit is here to help victims, witnesses and the community to understand how crime can affect our lives
Maryland Crime Victims' Rights
Under the Maryland Constitution and state laws and guidelines, victims of crime must be:
  • Treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity
  • Informed of their rights
  • Notified of crisis intervention and counseling services
  • Notified of domestic violence programs and support groups
  • Notified of criminal injuries compensation and other social services available
  • Informed on how to apply for services
  • Told of protection available to them and how to obtain protection
  • Informed by the Police or the State's Attorney's Office of the arrest of a suspect and closing of a case
  • Notified of court hearings and offender custody status
  • Permitted to be present and heard at criminal justice proceedings
  • Permitted to seek restitution from their offender(s)
Contact Information
For more information call 301-600-1046.

  • Heartly House
  • State’s Attorney’s Office Victim / Witness Coordinator
  • Child Protective Services
  • Adult Protective Services
  • Frederick County Hotline
    211 or 301-662-2255
  • Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Frederick County District Court
    301- 600-2005
  • Frederick County Circuit Court
    301- 600-1976
  • Frederick County District Court Commissioner
What is a Crime?
A crime is committed when someone breaks the law. Some crimes, such as vandalism and theft, are crimes against property, while crimes such as assault and robbery are crimes against persons. Some involve both property and people and in some instances, such as a home burglary, the victim may not be present when the crime occurs. All crimes, even when considered “minor”, should be treated seriously.

Who is a Crime Victim?
A crime victim is generally defined as a person who suffers a direct or threatened physical, emotional or financial harm as the result of a crime.

Witnesses are those people who see or hear the crime being committed. Witnesses may be affected by a crime and may also need assistance.

Sometimes, others are affected by a crime even though they were not a direct victim or witness. They are called secondary victims and may also require assistance.

How to Report a Crime
  • Call 911 in an emergency. Be prepared with as much information and description as possible as to the crime committed.
  • If there is no emergency, contact the Frederick County Sheriff’s office non-emergency phone number at 301-600-1046.
  • You may also make a report in person 24 hours a day at the Frederick County Sheriff's Office:
    Frederick County Law Enforcement Center
    110 Airport Drive East
    Frederick, MD 21701 (located behind the MVA)
For general questions and concerns relating to reporting a crime, please call the Victim Services Unit at 301-600-1290.

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior characterized by control of 1 person over another through physical, psychological, emotional, verbal, sexual and/or economic abuse. Some other forms of domestic violence can include isolation, coercion, harassment, stalking, threats, intimidation, destruction of property and/or abuse of pets.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, please contact the Victim Services Unit at 301-600-1290.

Peace Orders & Protective Orders
Peace and protective orders are civil orders issued by a judge to prevent 1 person from committing certain acts. A petitioner is the person who applies for the order while the respondent is the person from whom the petitioner wants to be protected. Protective orders generally apply to those involved in a domestic relationship while Peace Orders apply to all others.

Peace Order or Protective Order?
A domestic relationship is considered 1 of the following:
  • Current or former spouse of the respondent
  • Have lived in an intimate relationship with the respondent for at least 90 days during the past year
  • Related by blood, marriage, or adoption
  • The parent, stepparent, child or stepchild of the respondent and have resided with the respondent for at least 90 days within the past year
  • Share a child in common with the respondent
If your situation does not apply to any of the above then you would qualify to apply for a peace order.

The judge may order the respondent to stop threatening or committing abuse, to stay away from the petitioner’s home, place of employment or school, and have no contact with the petitioner or others specified. Only when awarded a protective order can the judge grant the petitioner temporary use and possession of the home, temporary custody of the children or temporary financial support.

A petitioner may fill for a protective order at the Frederick County Courthouse during regular business hours. In the case of an emergency, a petitioner may file a protective order or a peace order after hours at the Frederick County District Court Commissioner's office located at:
  • Frederick County Adult Detention Center
    7300 Marcies Choice Lane
    Frederick, MD 21704
For more information, please call the Victim Services Unit at 301-600-1290 or visit the Maryland Judiciary website.


Maryland VINE can provide registered users access to timely information about a particular offender's status 24 hours a day, over the phone, to a TTY device, through the Internet or by email.

Maryland VINE is a project provided by the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention, and the Maryland State Board of Victim Services.
  • 866-MD 4 VINE OR TTY Services: 866-847-1298
Visit the website here.

MD VINE Protective Order (VPO)
Maryland Protective Order (VPO) is a free service that allows petitioners to be notified by telephone or email when a Protective Order has expired. It will also give a 30 day advance notice when the Protective Order is about to expire. Petitioners can privately register to be notified without the respondent's knowledge. Operators are available 24 hours a day to help you register. When you register for phone notification, you will need to provide a telephone number and a 4 digit PIN (personal identification number). You can also register online. Do not depend solely on the VPO notification for your safety.

Ph: 877-846-3420

Visit the website here.

For assistance with registering with VINELink and/or VINE VPO, please contact the Victim Services Unit at 301-600-1290.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) was established to provide financial assistance to crime victims in Maryland. Victims or surviving family members may be eligible to be reimbursed for medical, mental health, funeral expenses and lost income resulting from a crime under certain conditions.

Who May File a Claim?
  • A person who suffers physical injury as the result of a crime
  • A person who suffered psychological or emotional injury as a result of a crime
  • A surviving spouse or child of a homicide victim
  • Any other person dependent for principal support on a homicide victim
  • Any person who assumed responsibility for funeral expenses of a homicide victim
For more information and/or assistance with an application to Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, please contact the Victim Services Unit at 301-600-1290. You can also visit the website here.