Recruit Class 21

County Executive Visit

On Friday, June 9, 2017, the Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services welcomed 23 new members to the Department. Recruit Class 21 (RC21) came to fruition partially from an award of $6,339,748 in federal funding through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) program. The ceremony was held at the Jack B. Kussmaul Theater on the Frederick Community College Campus.

The 27-week academy began on December 5, 2016. The firefighters participated in over 810 hours of coursework which included: Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Vehicle Operator, Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Hazardous Materials Operations, Rescue Technician - Site Operations and Vehicle Machinery Rescue, Firefighter Safety and Survival, Truck Company Operations and Child Passenger Safety Technician. Recruit Class 21’s class valedictorian is Patrick Morin. Patrick averaged a 92.54% on his academics. The class average was 86.22%. RC21 also enjoyed participating in physical fitness activities. The class collectively lost 316 pounds throughout the academy. Class physical training scores increased an average of 20% per recruit from their initial fitness test scoring.

The class motto was “All In” which represents 23 educated, functioning, disciplined firefighters whom embody love and loyalty of the fire service and regardless of the obstacles in their path they will dutifully carry out their mission to the best of their ability. RC21 is comprised of individuals with varying prior work experience from 911 Paramedic to a civil engineer. The class was led by Platoon Leader Austin Nelson, Squad Leaders Alexandra Biris, Patrick Mangus and Patrick Morin. Recruit Class 21 members are: Ryan Bowe, Brandon Burke, Michael Curry, Joseph DiMartino, Edward Hall IV, Jeffrey Hunter, Timothy Kessler, Sean Lillis, Lauren Lum, Russell Martin, Zack McNeil, John McNemar, Zachary Mellin, Tre Roper, Michael Semelsberger, Tanner Sholley, Trevor Snodderly, Phillip Tracey and James Wardrick. Many of the rookie firefighters will begin their station assignments tomorrow.

The Recruit Class Commander was Lieutenant Michael Webb and lead instructors included Battalion Chief Troy Grossnickle, Captain’s Kathleen Harne, Steven Schultz, Lieutenants Robert McCaa, Jared Brown, Keith Hubble, Technician Larry Kessler, Firefighter’s David Hubler, Adam Miller and Bernie Studds. The training academy is managed by Battalion Chief Daniel Healy and Captain Lenne Stolberg.

Enjoy the graduation video below!