Recruit Class 22


On Friday, October 27, 2017, the Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services welcomed 17 new members to the Department. The ceremony for Recruit Class 22 was held at the Jack B. Kussmaul Theater on the Frederick Community College Campus.
The 27-week academy began on April 24, 2017. The firefighters participated in over 810 hours of coursework which included: Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Vehicle Operator, Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Hazardous Materials Operations, Rescue Technician - Site Operations and Vehicle Machinery Rescue, Firefighter Safety and Survival, Truck Company Operations and Child Passenger Safety Technician. Recruit Class 22’s class valedictorian is Ryan Bolger. Ryan averaged a 93.27% on his academics. The class average was 84.27%. RC22 also enjoyed participating in physical fitness activities. The class collectively lost 158 pounds throughout the academy. Class physical training scores increased an average of 15% per recruit from their initial fitness test scoring.

 The class motto was “Rock Solid” which represents 17 well-trained, disciplined firefighters of high moral character that are knowledgeable and capable of making sound, educated decisions in their professional and personal lives and will remain "rock solid" throughout their careers. RC22 is comprised of individuals varying from 21 to 41 years of age. The class was led by Platoon Leader Mark Smith, Squad Leaders Ryan Bolger, Shawn Kessel and Brock Wilbur. Recruit Class 22 members are: Kenneth Bohn, Ryan Bolger, Shane Buchspics, Jonathan Byler, Brody Dannenfelser, Andrew Joy, Shawn Kessel, Taylor Kissling, Jonathan Lockhoff, Steven Peterson, Ryan Pittinger, Steven Redding, David Sanders, Mark Smith, Paul Turska, Anthony Vetri and Brock Wilbur. 

The Recruit Class Commander was Lieutenant Robert McCaa. The training academy is managed by Battalion Chief Daniel Healy and Captain Lenne Stolberg. Thanks to the many instructors who helped make Recruit Class 22 a success!

Enjoy the graduation video below!