About Us

Mission: The Division of Energy and Environment offers practical solutions for protecting the environment, conserving energy, and living sustainably in Frederick County, Maryland.


In 2008, the Board of County Commissioners created the Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources (OSER) in order to prioritize sustainability principles in County plans and policies, coordinate Frederick County's sustainability efforts, and foster community partnerships and provide outreach. Much of the early work was in support of the environmental objectives within the County's Strategic Plan and structured to meet the regulatory requirements of the State of Maryland.

As the County's strategic planning evolved, so did OSER and its focus. New programs were developed to help achieve the goals of the Livable Frederick Master Plan. Efforts were expanded to address reforestation, reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, collect data and develop metrics for measuring sustainability initiatives, and pursue LEED Community Certification (formerly STAR Communities certification).

Climate Emergency Resolution

In 2020, the Frederick County Council adopted a Climate Emergency Resolution and resolved to “commit to equitable climate emergency mobilization efforts to address global warming, reduce County-wide greenhouse gas emissions 50% from 2010 levels by 2030 and 100% no later than 2050, and employ efforts to safely drawdown carbon from the atmosphere.” 

As a key part of this effort, the Council established an independent citizen-based Climate Emergency Mobilization Workgroup (CEMWG) to make recommendations to achieve emission reduction goals. They produced a Climate Response and Resilience Report (CRRR) as the culmination of 18,500 hours of volunteer work by more than 70 volunteers over the space of a year. The CRRR makes recommendations for transparent, accountable government action and citizen engagement to secure a sustainable and prosperous future with equitable opportunities for all.

Formation of the Division of Energy & Environment

In 2022, OSER was moved out of the Office of the County Executive and reorganized to form the independent Division of Energy and Environment (DEE) in order to expand and accelerate work in progress as well as develop new strategies to coordinate the County's response to climate crisis. DEE is currently working to operationalize the recommendations of the Climate Response and Resilience Report, in order to reduce our community's contribution to climate change, while simultaneously adapting and preparing for the challenges of an altered climate.

The County's climate response is based on research, stakeholder input, long-term data assessments, community surveys, and State and Local goals and legislation. Our plans will strengthen our community's infrastructure, place us in a position to advance new technologies, help build regional partnerships, provide economic savings, conserve resources, and protect vulnerable populations. Please use the links and information on this website to see our programs in more detail and to find out how you can be involved!