It is time to renew your alcoholic beverage license for 2021.  In attempt to stay in compliance with social distancing requirements the Board will be offering a hybrid approach for renewals.  Below, in the special notes, is a list with available options for completing and filing your renewal application.  Below the special notes, are important deadline dates and instructions for your renewal.  Please note, our office building is still closed to the public and staff continues to telework.  Staff is still available for assistance by email: or by phone 301-600-2984.

The Board has decided on a hybrid approach for the 2021 renewal period.  Each licensee is given three different options to complete their renewal application this year.  Please let staff know which option you would like by February 15, 2021.  Those who do not respond will automatically receive an email with a pdf form.

Option 1-DocuSign
This option is new this year and will allow for the renewal application to be completed electronically and will allow all licensees to sign electronically.  If you choose this option, staff requires additional information in order to setup the DocuSign renewal application for you.  Please note, if your lease expires BEFORE April 30, 2022, we will need your landlord's email address so he or she can sign their portion of the renewal.  If you choose this option, please send an email to and provide the additional information below:

Additional Information Needed:
  • Establishment Name
  • Names and email address for each licensee that will sign the renewal application.
  • The licensee that will be designated to fill out the renewal application,
  • The name, email address and title for the person that will be filling out the renewal application.
  • If you have an attorney/CPA or another person that will be filling out the renewal application, we will need that person's name, email address and title.
  • If applicable, the name and email address of your landlord.  Your landlord's signature will be required if your lease expires  BEFORE April 30, 2022.
Option 2-PDF form
This option is like last years.  Staff will email you a blank pdf renewal application (available below) that you can type on or print out and fill out by hand.  Once your renewal application is complete, you must obtain all licensee's signatures and landlord's signature (landlord's signature is only required if your lease expires BEFORE, April 30, 2022).  The completed renewal application with all signatures must be emailed to  If you choose this option, you may download the renewal application (from below) and begin working on it.

2021 Renewal application

Option 3-Hard Copy of Form
This option must be requested by email ( or by phone 301-600-2984.  Staff will have an inspector drop off the renewal application to the establishment or you can download and print it from the link below.  Licensees are responsible for completing the renewal application and obtaining all signatures of licensees and landlord (landlord's signature is only required if your lease expires BEFORE April 30, 2022).  Once the renewal application is complete with signatures, the licensee may email the completed renewal application or email/call staff and arrange for the inspector to pick up the completed renewal application.  If you choose NOT to pay the $100 processing fee online, the inspector will pick up a check or money order at this time.  Checks may be payable to the Treasurer of Frederick County.

2021 Renewal application

  • You must submit your application to the Board between Tuesday, March 2, 2021, and 3:30 pm on Thursday, April 1, 2021.
  • State law does not allow the Board to accept applications prior to March 2, 2021.
  • You can now file your completed renewal application, with signatures, by one of the options listed above.
  • If you would like assistance from staff, please call 301-600-2984 or email
  • Please, try to submit your renewal application as soon as possible so there is sufficient time to resolve any problems.
If you submit your renewal application by DocuSign or PDF
  • Staff will send an email to confirm that your renewal application has been accepted or alert you that the application needs to be revised.
  • Once accepted, staff will provide the link (or click here to be directed to the online payment center) to pay the $100 processing fee online by credit card or online check.
  1. Credit cards are charged a 2.5% processing fee.
  2. Online checks are charged a flat fee of $1.49.
  3. Checks may also be mailed in or hand delivered.
  • Please DO NOT  make your payment until you are notified that the Board has accepted your renewal application.
If you submit your renewal application by hard copy,
  • You may pay your $100 processing fee online by clicking here to be directed to the online payment center
    or you may pay by check, or money order by providing it to the inspector when he picks up your completed renewal application.

If your current lease expires on or after April 30, 2022, you DO NOT NEED your landlord's signature, but you will need to fill out #6, Section A on the 2nd page of the application.

If your lease expires before April 30, 2022, or if you own the property, the landlord/owner of the premises must fill out and sign #6, Section B on the 2nd page of the application.

If you have additional permits (e.g., patio, tasting, Sunday, etc.) there are NO additional forms for you to compete this year.  On the last page you either:
  • Check that you want NO CHANGES or
  • Check REMOVE and show which permits you wish to have removed.
Class B Licensees are NO LONGER required to complete the Food/Alcohol Ration form.  Instead, all Class B licensees must complete #9

All licensees must sign the very back on lines A, B, and C.  If your entity is a corporation, the president must sign on line D.

All Corporations, LLC and Clubs must be in Good Standing.
  • Staff will verify your status-You no longer have to provide a copy of the certificate of Good Standing.
  • You can check your status on the State's website: Click HERE
  • The Board cannot renew your license until your business is in Good Standing.
You may pay for your license online:
  • Between Thursday, April 1, 2021 and Friday, April 30, 2021.
  • Click here to be directed to the online payment center.
Checks and money orders may also be mailed to the Board's office or to avoid mail delays, contact staff at 301-600-2984 or by email at and staff will arrange for the inspector to pick up your payment.

  • Once your license fee has been paid, an inspector will deliver your new license for 2021.
As you know, the State of Emergency has not yet been lifted however, renewals still need to be completed and filed.  If you choose not to renew your license, please contact staff by email or phone so we can keep accurate records.


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