Septic System Pump-Out Rebate Program

About the Program

The Septic System Pump Out Program is a rebate program for Frederick County, Maryland properties that have their septic tanks pumped out by a licensed hauler. Properties are eligible for a rebate every five years. 

As a best management practice, it is recommended that you inspect your septic systems yearly and pump out the septic system regularly. Inspecting and pumping septic systems is important for their efficient operation and can help prevent system breakdowns that require costly repair. A well-maintained septic system protects groundwater and drinking water supplies.  

Rebates are offered in the amount of $75 regardless of the amount billed for the pump-out service.  Applications are taken on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to funding availability. 

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To apply for a rebate, please follow these steps:

1. Use a licensed pumping company on our list of permitted haulers.

2. If you have previously received a rebate,  please use the chart below to check if you are eligible for your next rebate. (Properties are eligible to receive a rebate every five years. Please note: Pump-outs that occurred before January 1, 2023, are no longer eligible for rebates.)  

If you have never applied for a septic rebate before, please skip to step 3. 

Rebate Eligibility Chart:


3. Complete an application. You may apply using our online application or by downloading a printable application to send by email or postal service. (Please refer to application instructions for mailing information.).

Please be sure to review the instructions(If your application lacks any required information, we must contact you, and the rebate will be delayed. If the requested information is not received within 60 days, your application will not be processed, and you will need to start over.)

4. Include the following required documentation with your application. These may be uploaded as part of the online application or sent with an emailed or mailed application. (Do not staple print documents.)

  • Invoice from a licensed pumping company.
  • One proof of payment:
    • An invoice signed by the septic hauler showing that it has been paid in full with an account balance of $0.00.
    • Credit card receipt, or,
    • Canceled check (front and back, with account numbers blacked out).

If you have questions about the Septic Pump Out Rebate Program, please contact:  

Suzanne Cliber, Program Specialist

Email or  Phone: 240-385-7226

Septic System Resources


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