Monocacy and Catoctin Watershed Alliance


The Monocacy & Catoctin Watershed Alliance (MCWA) is coordinated by the Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources (OSER) and is a mutual, collaborative, non-advocacy effort among individuals and organizations desiring to work together to improve the health of the Monocacy and Catoctin watersheds.  Growing out of more than two years of action planning for the Monocacy Watershed Restoration Action Strategy (WRAS), a Frederick-County-coordinated and State-assisted local planning process, participants decided to continue their affiliation and cooperation at its conclusion in order to help foster the WRAS plan implementation.

Mission Statement  

The Monocacy & Catoctin Watershed Alliance coordinates the efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders dedicated to the protection and restoration of the natural resources in the Monocacy & Catoctin Watersheds.

Vision Statement

We envision broadening and deepening stewardship ethic among and infored citizenry, which will help protect the County's agricultural heritage and rural character, maintain and improve the quality of life, protect and treasure our natural resources, and manage future growth more wisely.  We envision healthy streams and rivers with forested buffers supplying clean drinking water and supporting healthy communities of aquatic and terrestrial life, as well as diverse and popular recreational uses.  We envision a healthy and vibrant agricultural community built on links with citizens who support local agricultural and renewable forest products.  We envision increasingly concentrated residential development using conservation design principles with access to collective transportation modes and a web of well-maintained trails.  We envision watershed conservation folks from all sectors and communities collaborating to implement effective conservation and restoration practices and foster a creative stewardship consciousness.  

Quarterly Meetings

Our next Monocacy & Catoctin Watershed Alliance meeting will be held on September 5, 2018, from 1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. at the University of Maryland/ Frederick County Extension Office, 330 Montevue Lane, Frederick, MD 21702. 

Our guest speakers will be OSER Project Managers, Don Dorsey and Jeremy Joiner and Master Gardener, Deb Keimig. In June, the Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources received notice that it is being awarded over $1 Million in funding from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund Grant. The grant will help to fund stormwater projects in the County which will include projects at the Frederick County Extension Services site. Those projects include a micro-bioretention facility (rain garden), two proprietary filtration and treatment installations (Filterra), a rain harvesting system (rain wall) for Master Gardener use and reforestation down-gradient of the facility. Don and Jeremy will be speaking about these projects and if weather permits we will take a brief tour of the project on-site locations. Deb Keimig will be giving a presentation about Master Gardener committee activities, upcoming seminars, an overview of their newsletter, and major events including their upcoming booth at The Great Frederick Fair.

We hope you can join us! Please RSVP to Suzanne Cliber by August 31, 2018 if you will be attending.

June 2018 Quarterly Meeting

The Monocacy and Catoctin Watershed Alliance (MCWA) held its last quarterly meeting on June 14, 2018 at Waterford Park in Frederick, MD.  

Ginny Brace, a volunteer with “Friends of Waterford Park”, took MCWA members on a tour of the park to see how it has transformed over the last 12 years from an open field to one with many trees planted (and also a food forest!) A walk through the wooded area provided the tour group with an insight to the steps that have been taken to control invasive species and also how the recent flooding impacted some of the areas along Rock Creek.  Ginny also showed the group some of the interesting benches that have been added to the park.  Thank you Ginny and kudos to all of the volunteers who have made Waterford Park so beautiful!

MCWA Meeting Waterford

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