Jobs Initiatives

County Executive Jan Gardner believes that having a job is fundamental to having a high quality of life.  Frederick County is a great place to do business!

In Frederick County, Executive Gardner’s administration has added a net of 5,500 new jobs over the past three years.  For the first time, in the county’s history, the number of jobs in the county topped 100,000. We want to have a diversity of jobs so that people will have an opportunity to work where they live.

Frederick County is projected to see the fastest rate of business growth, particularly in technology and innovation, of any county in the state of Maryland.

Business Industry Cabinet


We are on the cutting edge when it comes to creating an environment where big ideas and innovative jobs can grow and we are cultivating them at ROOT, a new business and technology innovation center in the heart of downtown Frederick. Executive Gardner turned a vacant county office building at 118 N. Market Street into a collaborative endeavor to build a vibrant economy.  The mission is to grow big ideas into new businesses that will then establish roots and grow in Frederick County. 

Our Office of Economic Development has been joined in ROOT by several community partners, including the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce and a new IT-focused incubator under the umbrella of Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc.

ROOT is also home to higher education partners, such as the Center for Research and Education in Science and Technology and Hood College.  

Technology is just one of many industries that thrive in Frederick County and where there is a lot of opportunity for growth.


For decades, one of the largest industries has been agriculture. We know our farmers are strong environmental stewards of the land and as a community we can be proud that our farmers provide food and fiber to our region and our nation.  One of Executive Gardner’s key priorities is to ensure that agriculture remains a viable industry well into our future.  She created a position in the Office of Economic Development dedicated to the needs of our agricultural industries.

What is grown on Frederick County’s soils may have changed and evolved over time, but our fertile land and rich agricultural heritage remains constant.  Frederick County is one of among the top ten counties in the nation for agricultural preservation.  We have permanently preserved more than 57,000 acres of farmland, with another 2,000 acres scheduled for settlement in 2018.

We have also increased the share of recordation taxes dedicated to ag preservation to accelerate preservation.