Seniors Initiatives

  1. Citizens-Montevue
  2. Senior Services Division
  3. Seniors First


One of County Executive Jan Gardner’s proudest accomplishments has been retaining Citizens and Montevue – keeping our promise to our seniors and honoring the deed on the property. Retaining Citizens and Montevue also saved taxpayer millions of dollars from a very bad financial deal put together by the previous administration.  We would have had to bring $7.5 million to the table to close the sale because they were sold at below what it was worth.

The operation of these facilities is self-sustaining. We use the revenue from Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center to provide care for seniors at Montevue who would otherwise be unable to afford assisted living cares. Right now, we are subsidizing 32 assisted living residents and look to expand that number this year up to 40. There are no general fund tax dollars supporting Citizens & Montevue.