Connecting with the LCT

We are here to help and want the process to connect with us to be as smooth and seamless as possible. The LCT meetings are held on the third Monday of every month and may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis for emergency needs.

In order to begin the process to connect with the LCT, parents or providers may call Brooke Sims, our LCT Assistant at 301.600.1077 or e-mail to confirm the child is an appropriate referral for LCT. Once the child has been confirmed that he/she is an appropriate referral, there are couple ways to connect:

The child's advocate (counselor, psychologist, therapist, etc.) can request the case to be added to the LCT agenda after both the LCT Referral Form has been completed and the Release of Info Form has been signed.

The child's family can self-refer the child after completing the LCT Referral Form and signing the Release of Info Form.

Documentos en Espanol:

La autorización para la divulgación de información

La descripción a LCT

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