Veterans Advisory Council

Veterans Advisory Council Board Members

IMG_0062 (003)FredIMG_0060
Chair - LTC Wilfred Plumley, USA, RetiredCo-Chair - Col. Fred Schumacher, USA, Retired Former Chair - Lt. Col. Sharon Jacko, USMC, Retired
Paul HunterCWO3 David P. Kaye, USA, RetiredFrederick G. Wood, Sr., USN


Edwina Benites-LM

Non-Voting Members

The Honorable Steve McKayDoylette (Dee) Harrison, MPA, MHRM, CNOR, BSN, USN, RetiredJay Hessler

Not pictured:
The Honorable Carol Krimm
Nan Mann
Michael McLane
Patty McDonald

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The Veterans Advisory Council serves as a conduit for information and resources for the county’s 17,000 veterans and their families who may need assistance furthering their education, finding employment, receiving counseling or finding other services.  

The Council collaborates with:  

  • Established military veteran oriented service organizations to evaluate, develop and promote new and existing programs and services for veterans and their families within Frederick County;  
  • Other county commissions, boards and councils, and county staff with regard to policies, programs, and concerns related to veterans’ interest; and 
  • The County Executive and County Council to develop and promote programs and services in the state and county related to the needs of veterans and their families.

Public meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in Winchester Hall's 3rd floor conference room.

The advisory council is comprised of seven voting members and seven non-voting members.  
Voting members:

LTC Wilfred Plumley, USA, Retired - Chair                                                                                                                                                        Col. Fred Schumacher, USA, Retired - Co-Chair
Lt. Col. Sharon D. Jacko  USMC, Retired, - Former Chair
CWO3 David P. Kaye, USA, Retired
Edwina Benites-LM
Paul Hunter
Frederick G. Wood, Sr., USN

Non-voting members:
Doylette (Dee) Harrison, MPA, MHRM, CNOR, BSN, USN, Retired
Patty McDonald
Jay Hessler
Michael McLane
The Honorable Steve McKay
The Honorable Carol Krimm
Nan Mann

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