Emotional Well-being


Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives

If you, or someone you care for is feeling down, sad, or blue, and/or has lost interest in pleasurable activities, the PEARLS program can help manage these symptoms with self-management strategies. 

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Have you been feeling down, sad or blue?

PEARLS can help you overcome these feelings and make a positive change in your life to improve your health.


  • Teaches empowering skills and problem solving techniques
  • Uses an easy-to-learn approach
  • Promotes activity and socialization
  • Promotes increasing pleasant activities in your life
  • Helps reduce anxiety and improve mood
  • Helps you feel healthy and attain a greater sense of well-being 

Participants learn to:

  • Recognize symptoms of depression
  • Understand link between unsolved problems and depression
  • Apply 7-step approach for problem solving
  • Move to action and make lasting life changes
  • Develop a plan to engage in physical activities
  • Identify and participate in social activities

Benefits of the PEARLS Program include: 

  • Significant decrease in feeling down, sad or blue
  • Feeling more optimistic and more engaged with friends, family and the community
  • Improved physical health and more energy

The PEARLS program was developed by the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington)