Technology Council of Frederick County

Purpose & Background

The Technology Council is a research and coordinating body for the purpose of sharing ideas and approaches to interagency information technology solutions within Frederick County Government. The Council was established February 24, 1999, and meetings are held quarterly and at different locations. Other meetings may be scheduled by the Chief Information Officer of the Interagency Information Technologies Division.

Per the Frederick County Ethics Law, members are required to complete an annual Financial Disclosure Statement. For more information, contact the County Attorney's Office at 301-600-1030.

Appointments and Membership

The County Executive appoints the members with confirmation by the County Council.  The at-large members serve four-year staggered terms. The other members serve with no terms assigned. Members include:

  • Mr. David Maginnis
    CIO/Director (Frederick County Government)
  • Mr. Drex Ryberg
    At-large rep.
    At-large rep.
    Chief Information Officer, Information Technology (Frederick Community College)
  • Mr. Jack Markey
    Director, Emergency Management Division (Frederick County Government)
  • Mr. Dennis Dudley
    Director, Department of Emergency Preparedness (Frederick County Government)
  • Mr. Jason Marshall
    Manager, Library Systems Operations (Frederick County Public Libraries)
  • Mr. Edward “Ted” Gardner
    Director, Technology Infrastructure (Frederick County Public Libraries)
  • Lt. Scott Jewell
    Frederick County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lt. Aaron Lapp
    Frederick Police Department
    United States Army Garrison/Fort Detrick