Christophers Crossing Widening

Project Overview

This Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project will include improvements to Christopher's Crossing from Whittier Drive (City limits) to the Walter Martz/Poole Jones Road intersection, to upgrade from a two-lane median divided roadway to a four-lane median divided roadway. Upgrades are necessary to provide a roadway consistent with the adjoining Frederick City maintained segments of Christopher's Crossing and accommodate the anticipated increased traffic.

Current Status

The project is 100% designed with construction anticipated to start in Spring 2023. Public Preconstruction Meeting for Christophers Crossing will be held on May 15 2023 between 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at the Transit building located at 1040 Rocky Springs Road Frederick MD 21702.

Below are the PowerPoint slides that were used in the presentation.

Public Meeting Publication December 10, 2019

Meeting Minutes from December 10, 2019 Public Meeting

Public Meeting PowerPoint Presentation December 17, 2020

Meeting Minutes from December 17, 2020 Virtual Meeting

30 Percent Plans

60 Percent Plans - Revised

95 Percent Plans

100 Percent Plans