Parent Education

Parent Education
These services are designed to enhance parenting skills for mothers, fathers and other primary caregivers and include parent education, parenting enhancement activities, informal interactions, role modeling and peer education.

Parent education is provided both formally and informally in group and individual settings.  Staff takes advantage of teachable moments that present themselves throughout the course of the day through informal interactions, role modeling, and during home visits. Family Partnership's formal parent education is based on the Nurturing Parenting curriculum. Informal parent education classes are based on topics of interest.

Parent education services and activities are designed to:

  • Enhance parents’ knowledge of the typical developmental stages and expectations for their child’s growth.
  • Increase parents’ understanding of “School Readiness” as it relates to early development.
  • Promote the parents’ role as the child’s first and most important teacher.
  • Empower parents’ so they can successfully provide for their own and their children’s needs.
Formal Parent Education
Formal parent education is based on the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum which increases a parent's knowledge and skills regarding:
  • Appropriate expectations for infants, toddlers, preschool and school age children.
  • Infant, toddler and child health and nutrition information.
  • Nurturing lifestyles and family routines.
  • Positive and nurturing discipline techniques.
  • The parents’ role as the child’s first teacher and advocate.
  • Typical child growth and development.
Informal Parent Education
Informal parenting occurs daily throughout the center through modeling, informal interactions, and conversations with parents. Since behavior is learned from what is observed and through practice, promoting positive parenting occurs in a variety of settings and formats. Informal parent education also occurs through workshops where information on specific parenting topics is provided and support groups where parents get together to discuss common concerns.